The 61-note keyboard became the de facto standard for electric keyboards through its use on the first widely available electric keyboard instrument, the HAMMOND ORGAN, but the demands on today’s players require a greater scope.

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Fantastic instrument for the keyboard player who wants the absolute best Hammond organ sounds in a portable keyboard but with the luxury of extra keys. It packs a powerful Hammond sound in the right hand and realistic Piano in the left hand.  Who could want more! Power and portability is the winner for this smashing keyboard.

A keyboardist today may jump from B-3 to Electric Piano to Clav in the same song, and if based in the Piano tradition, may find a 61 note keyboard limiting. The Sk1-73’s 73 note Fatar keyboard provides the proper “breathing room” for a modern keyboardist, while retaining the superior feel, light weight and small footprint of the 61-note model. It is also the perfect ax for singer-songwriters and accompanists of all genres, due to its ability in shifting the keyboard response automatically between piano and organ-type “feels”


Additional information

Weight 9.5 kg
Dimensions 112.5 × 30.5 × 8.9 cm
Sound Generator

[Organ Section] 2 – VASE III as Digital Tone-Wheels, Transistor Organ and Pipe Organ, 61 polyphony (for Manual, except Pipe Organ), 8 polyphony (for Pedal, except for Pipe Organ), 63 polyphony (maximum, on Pipe Organ)

[Extra Voice Section] VASE III, 63 polyphony (maximum)

Harmonic Drawbars

[Drawbars] 9 Pitches, assignable for Upper, Pedal, Lower
[Voicing] Manuals: 6 choices (B-Type1, B-Type2, Mellow, Vx, Farf, Pipe), variable
[Key-click] Pedal: 4 choices (Normal, Muted, Synth1, Synth2), 5 choices key-click

Touch Response Percussion

[Buttons] Second Harmonic, Third Harmonic, Fast Decay, Volume Soft Display
[Adjustable] Touch, Velocity, Decay (Fast, Slow), Level (Normal Soft)

Extra Voice

[Instruments] 6 Groups (A. Piano, E. Piano, Keyboard, Wind, Other, Library
Upgradable via Library
[Control] Allocate Upper/Lower, Solo Group


[Vibrato and Chorus] Digital Scanner – Buttons: 1, 2, Chorus, Swell On, Great On
[Overdrive] Digital, 4 programs – Controls: On, Amount
[Multi Effects] 8 programs for Organ/Extra Voice Individually – Controls: On, Amount
[Equalizer] For Organ: Bass, Mid (sweep), Treble, Tone
[Internal Leslie] Advanced Digital, 2 Rotors – Buttons: Bypass, Stop, Fast
[Reverb] Digital, 11 programs Control: On, Depth
[Master Equalizer] Control: Bass, Mid Gain, Mid Frequency, Treble


[Capacity] 100 User Patches, 100 Preset Patches, manual
[Favorites] 10 buttons
[Patch Load Options] Drawbar Registration, Drawbar Parameters, Extra Voice, Internal Zone, External Zone, Organ Effects, EXV Effects, Reverb


[Volumes] Master Volume, Music Volume, Extra Voice Volume
[Switch] Power On/Off

Music Player

[File Format] WAV (44.1KHz, 16bit Stereo), MP3 (44.1KHz, 128Kbps, Stereo)
[Control] Song, Play/Pause


USB Flash Drive


20 – Characters, 2 – Lines


[Templates] 9 Templates
[External Zones] 3 Zones, assignable to any keyboard


[MIDI] In, Out
[Audio] Line Out, L, R, Headphones
8 – pin, 1 and 3 channels available
[Other] Foot Switch, Damper Pedal, Exp. Pedal, DC IN (12V)


AC Adaptor, AD3-1250

Keyboard Functions

[MIDI] In, Out
[Audio] Line Out, L, R, Headphones
8 – pin, 1 and 3 channels available
[Other] Foot Switch, Damper Pedal, Exp. Pedal, DC IN (12V)


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