We thought about calling this the “Have Your Cake And Eat It, Too” but that would look silly on the back. We agreed on calling it the HAMMOND Sk2 and when you play it you’ll see that first name is indeed appropriate.


For many years, HAMMOND has been asked to make a truly portable double 61 note instrument that didn’t share the gross weight of a Refrigerator. The Sk2 can do it all. HAMMOND Drawbar voices up top, Grand Piano on the bottom-or vice versa. Manual Bass and Organ comp on the bottom, Horn section up top for accents. And yes, you can play the Sk2 as a double manual HAMMOND Organ in the traditional fashion, the Pipe Organ voices, too. Add one of our optional pedalboards, and you’ll have the pro rig you’ve always dreamed of, but didn’t have the roadies or van to realize.

Full two manual Hammond organ.  Play like a pro Hammond organ player in your Jazz or Blues band. At last, you have the ability to take your power house Hammond organ under your arm to a gig. Plug in the XPK-100 bass pedals, and you’re ready to kick bass. This hugely popular model weighs only 16 Kgs. SK2

Additional information

Weight 15.9 kg
Dimensions 95.3 × 45.7 × 17.1 cm


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