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Why play a copycat, when you can have the real thing?! Hammond is continuing to evolve with the release of portable XK-5 and B3 stage models. Discover classic Hammond moves such as 'glissandos', ‘rake-ups, ‘squabbles’ and ‘fast repeat’ with new technology. An entirely new Hammond engine brings 108 virtual tonewheels, which may be voiced individually. The Hammond sound and soul legacy lives on in an exciting revival.


The unique Hammond sound began in 1934, when Laurens Hammond filed a patent for the first electronic organ that used mechanical tone wheels and inductive pickups. This give the musicians the ability to mix and blend their own harmonics using the drawbars, creating an individual and sometimes iconic sound. 


When Jimmy Smith met the Original B-3, music was changed forever! Smith and other legendary artists created the soul of Hammond. Hammond's history is firmly entwined in blues, jazz, gospel, motown, and R&B. From humble beginnings from a garage inventor, the iconic Hammond sound has swept the world and todays remains a staple of creativity


In 2002 Hammond relaunched the the B-3 after 27 years. It’s a different beast, but you’d never know the difference playing it. The classic tonewheel sound is true to its roots, enhanced with digital reliability including a multistage menu that allows you to personalise your Hammond more than ever before. New B-3 catapulted Hammond into the spotlight of many trailblazing, contemporary artists. 

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  From the great original to the new original, we cover all you need to know about deciding on the right Hammond for you        

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