You’ve read all the smashing international reviews. Now check out what the local Australian Hammond artists are saying:


Review: Hammond SK PRO

First manufactured in 1935 by Laurens Hammond and John M. Hanert, the Hammond Organ is one of most iconic instruments of the twentieth century. The first generation of Hammond organs used a metal tone wheel and an electromagnetic cabinet to create their iconic sound,...

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Review: Jon Hammond Live at Bernie’s CD

Hammond Live at Bernie’s Who says that the jazz organ is forgotten? That it exists only as an option on a modern electronic keyboard? Jon Hammond (what an appropriate name!) shows clearly that the Hammond jazz room is not only alive and well but, what is more, that it...

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Review: Hammond XK-3c

                  HAMMOND XK 3c review by Tim Neal The folks at Hammond have sure been busy lately with some great new products hitting the market. One of them that has tongues wagging internationally is the new single manual XK3c. The first thing to impress me is the...

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Review: The XK-1c

XK-1c I already have an electric piano and I really wanted the perfect Hammond sound, so I recently got myself a Hammond XK-1c. Whether I play at home, with friends or at my charity lunches, the XK-1c just works. The sound works perfectly, the drawbars work smoothly,...

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The Hammond XK-5 is the new organ from the famed brand, and is being hailed as the “New Original Hammond”. It is more portable, affordable and reliable than its vintage counterparts, and should be able to stand up to the rigors of the life of a modern musician. With...

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Review: Hammond Leslie Cream Pedal

The names Hammond and Leslie have been around in music for longer than most of us can remember. But one usually thinks of big organs and killer rotary speaker cabinets when these names are mentioned. The last thing I would have thought about was a guitar pedal, until...

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So, I have had the chance to play with a few newer Hammonds over the last couple of years and I am always impressed with what I get my hands on every time. That is why when I went to give the SK1-88 a quick fing this month I was not surprised in the quality of what...

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