SKx PRO Dual Keyboard

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The perfect portable stage organ.

Two manuals with classic Hammond waterfall keys.

Authentic Hammond sound and full PRO features.

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The SkxPRO Dual Keyboard

Hammond introduces one of the finest gigging keyboards ever built, now in a compact and light weight dual keyboard combo.

Featuring state of the art “modelled tone wheel 1” sound engine made famous in the flagship XK-5, along with a huge selection of the hottest premium keyboard features;

  • Virtual multi-contact keyboard for real Hammond feel.
  • Semi-weighted real Hammond waterfall square-front keys, over two 61 note manuals.
  • Iconic Hammond effects like overdrive, percussion and attack, chorus and vibrato all controlled as you like.
  • Legendary high-resolution piano, ensemble, organ and instrumental voices.
  • Heritage analogue style synthesizer with six oscellators and real time controls.
  • Programmable patches for performance ease.
  • Pitch bench and modulation wheel allow performance styles from 1936 Hammonds to today’s synths.

The Hammond Skx PRO has quickly become the preferred stage keyboard for musicians of all genres, and Hammond has answered the call for a dual manual version. No matter which style you play, the Skx PRO will meet your demands for a genuine dual-manual Hammond Organ with all the required additional sounds any keyboard player requires, for any performance or recording session. The Skx PRO shares all the sounds and features of the 61 & 73 key Sk PRO.

Essential Features:

  • EXPANDED TRANSISTOR and PIPE ORGAN voices (including Classical and Theatre Organ ranks)
  • PIANO SECTION with a wide variety of keyboard instruments,
    including new high-resolution Grand and Electric Piano sounds,
  • ENSEMBLE SECTION with essential Brass, Reed, String, Choir and Percussion instruments.
  • SEAMLESS SWITCHING of tones while playing.
    buttons for quick and easy access to performance needs.
  • DIRECT POWER CONNECTION (no “wall-wart” Power-adapter).
  • MULTIPLE, ASSIGNABLE, OUTPUTS, with discrete Organ and Bass outputs.
  • 1/8″ STEREO INPUT JACK for External Audio Sources
  • ON-BOARD BULK STORAGE for all programming.
  • USB TYPE “A” and “B” PORTS for USB MIDI and MASS STORAGE functions.
  • LARGE COLOR DISPLAY giving essential instrument information instantly.


Now Available

Now in stock Australia wide at your local Hammond dealer.

Hammond Australia delivers with trusted specialist carriers anywhere in Australia. It’s important to us that your Hammond gear arrives to you safely. For the best freight price, please call Hammond Australia / Bernies Music Land on 03 9872 5122 for a quotation.

Additional information

Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 100.33 × 47.4 × 18.5 cm
Sound Engines

● The SkxPRO incorporates the state-of-the-art “Modelled Tone Wheel 1” (MTW1) sound engine pioneered by our flagship Hammond XK-5 Organ, recognized everywhere as the standard in digital "tone wheel" sound.
● The Virtual Multi-Contact system replicates the keyboard performance of a vintage Hammond Organ, allowing the distinctive Hammond “feel” in every detail. For even greater versatility, our optional Hammond MIDI Pedalboards such as XPK-130G, XPK-200G or XPK-200GL can be added for traditional organ play.
● An on-board new-generation Digital Leslie™ brings deeper authenticity, including the airflow of Leslie rotors, faithfully reproducing the Leslie ’s unique tone and three-dimensional effect.
● A tube modeling system provides the essential Hammond “tube-warmth".
● A special system emulating the Matching Transformer of a vintage Hammond Organ adds striking authenticity to the Hammond Drawbar tones.
● In addition to the great Hammond Drawbar sounds, the SkxPRO also models Italian ("Farf"), British ("Vx"), and Japanese ("Ace") transistorized Combo Organs.
● The Church/Classical organist can also call upon 32 ranks of Classical Pipe Organ Voices, (including a 32’ Pedal stop). For the first time in any modern keyboard, a range of Theatre Pipe Organ (“Mighty Wurlitzer”) ranks are now included.

Sound Engines #2 & #3 : PIANO/ENSEMBLE
● All Piano/Ensemble voices are at a HIGHER RESOLUTION than the classic Sk Series.
● All Piano/Ensemble voices can be FULLY EDITED. Sample choice, EG, Filter, LFO and other parameters are now in your control and can be saved as a Patch.
● The SkxPRO contains high-quality samples of the world's leading Grand Piano sounds, including a brand-new sample of a legendary European Concert Grand Piano.
● High-definition digital voices (upgraded in resolution from previous Sk models) provide a wide variety of tonal possibilities, many of them new to the Sk-series.
● 12 Category Buttons allow easy and instant tone/patch selection.
● Hammond's exclusive Pro Chord feature permits the player to reproduce complex harmonies by playing a single-note melody based on chords played on lower manual. (Pro Chord feature also available on Drawbar Voices)

Sound Engine #4: MONO SYNTH
The SkxPRO incorporates a physically-modeled Synthesizer faithfully providing the sounds and playing experience of classic analog synthesizers. All traditional synth controls are on the top panel, allowing the creation and editing of sounds in real-time just as on a classic analog synth.


2 x 61


Each of the 4 Voice Sections can receive Overdrive and 2 types of comprehensive DSP
Multi-Effects. All the DSP Effects listed below can be saved as part of a Patch:
Overdrive: Tube, Solid, Clip, EP Amp. Multi-effect 1: Tremolo, Wah-Wah, Ring Modulator, Compressor Multi-effect 2: Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Delay, Auto Pan


Like the SkPRO, the SkxPRO features our new system of Combinations, combining up to 4 Patches, and 3 External MIDI Instrumetns along with desired performance parameters. Combinations “set the scene” for each performance and may be changed in an instant.
The 4 ALLOCATION buttons located in the center of the keyboard, call up any part of a Combination in real-time, giving the equivalent of FOUR discrete keyboards.
200 Combinations are available (100 Factory and 100 User). The Setup of the entire SkxPRO may be saved or recalled in seconds through onboard data storage, or optional USB "thumb" drive.

The basic voice unit of the SkxPRO is a “Patch”, storing the source sound or
sounds and all programming for each sound. There are Factory and User Patches available
– 100 of each for the ORGAN and MONO SYNTH Sections and 300 Factory / 400 User
for the PIANO and ENSEMBLE Sections.


Any ten Combinations may be assigned to the FAVORITES buttons (as on previous Sk instruments) for instant access. The selection of Favorites has been expanded to include Ten (10) Banks with 10 Favorites each: for a total of 100 Favorites providing quick and easy selection


The SkxPRO incorporates Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheels, giving the player the ability to add full expressiveness to the music. Each Voice Section has an individual Volume Control allowing the different Sections to be “mixed” in real time.


The SKX PRO includes LINE OUT left & right jacks as well as a HEADPHONE jack and an AUX IN jack with its own volume control for connecting an external sound source such as a music player. In addition, individual outputs allow the assignment of the PIANO, ENSEMBLE or MONO SYNTH Sections to two separate audio outputs. ROTARY OUT and ORGAN PEDAL (BASS) OUT jacks are provided.


AC Adaptor AD3-1250-2P


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