Playing a Hammond is great on your own, but even better with friends. Check out the ways you can enhance your Hammond playing experience:

Discover The SK Series Workshop

Course RRP $25.00, buy it here

The legendary new Hammond stage keyboard series is taking the world by storm. With its unmatched sound and gutsy character, it’s the perfect partner for any keyboard player. See, hear and discover the hottest tips and tricks for playing Hammond SK.

 Featuring: Mark Nunis, a legendary Hammond organ player and well known in Melbourne as the “Honkytonk Piano Man” with over 35 years experience in piano and over 20 years of Australian Blues scene.

Check out the discovery workshop course here.


Discover The XK-5 Workshop

Course RRP $25.00, buy it here

The Hammond XK-5 has become the most desirable instrument for organ players. With the fattest, richest sound and incredible playing charm, this portable organ has unique stage appeal. See, hear and discover the hottest tips and tricks for playing the XK-5 at this awesome discovery workshop.

Featuring: Jon Wade, a legendary Hammond organ player that has played with the best and holds decades of experience on stage and studio performance with his uncommon versatility.

Check out the discovery workshop course here.




XK-5 DIscovery Workshop

Hammond A-405 Instructional DVD

DVD RRP $89.00, buy it here

The Hammond A-405 organ offers a world of musical enjoyment. Take your time to enjoy this video presentation as we step through the features and operations of this fabulous organ, and show you how to create wonderful music for years to come.

Whether you are just beginning your journey with the A-405 organ or have been playing one for years, this insightful DVD will equip you with useful tips and performance ideas to explore.




XK-5 DIscovery Workshop

Hammond Player DVD

DVD RRP $89.95, buy it here

Do you need a little coaching for playing Hammond? Do it in the comfort of your own home with the fabulous Hammond Player DVD. Created by the awesome Hammond team in the UK, this DVD includes a detailed tutorial of playing a Hammond B-3 organ, then an exploration of four key Hammond playing styles, followed by gig sessions where you play the Hammond part along with the band. What a cool Hammond playing experience!



The Lachy Dooley Hammond Playing Course

In June 2017, Australian rock legend Lachy Dooley set out to record his Hammond playing course. With his unique grit and edgy style, hoards of musicians aspire to play Hammond like him. So it was only fitting that he wanted the course to be filmed on the latest Hammond organs; the new Hammond B-3 mark 2.

Check out Lachy’s awesome Hammond playing course here:



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