The Internationally most anticipated Hammond XK-4 is now available in Australia.

Offers the iconic sound and feel of the legendary Hammond B-3 organ.

Now Available




The new HAMMOND XK-4 Portable Organ bridges tradition and cutting-edge technology bringing the “King Of Instruments” to every musician in a compact and affordable package.



  • Colour display for clear and intuitive operation in all situations.
  • Pitch bend and programmable modulation wheels.
  • User-assignable knobs and switches for controlling internal functions and external devices.
  • Master Equalizer for tonal control in any performance environment.
  • Virtual multi-contact system mimicking the feel of vintage Hammond keyboards.
  • Digital Leslie with advanced airflow modelling for authentic tone and three-dimensional effect.
  • Tube modelling system for capturing the desired “vacuum tube warmth.”
  • Emulation of vintage Hammond organ’s “matching transformer” for richer sound.
  • Italian, British, and Japanese transistor combo organ models in addition to accurate drawbar tones.
  • Multiple ranks of Classical and Theatre Pipe Organ tones with customizable settings.


Delivery: Delivery available Australia-wide. Please contact your authorised Hammond dealer for a quote.


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