On his first visit to Australia, there was only one

music store that the famous Joey D wanted to

visit; Bernies.

Joey was a special guest of Melbourne’s new

jazz club; Birds Basement. He played two shows

a night for six nights straight (phew) on the club’s

new Hammond B3 organ. It’s a swish venue

where the audience is treated to a rare, intimate

musical experience. Joey played on the club’s

new Hammond B3 organ, with a Leslie speaker to

give a full, shattering sound.

Joey dropped in to the store on July 14, 2017 to meet

some of our Hammond owners and share tips

about his unique playing style. He’s a warm,

personable guy and was thrilled to meet Aussie

Hammond players. He even played a duet with

Bernie of “House of the Rising Sun”!

Michelle C

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