I already have an electric piano and I really wanted the perfect Hammond sound, so I recently got myself a Hammond XK-1c. Whether I play at home, with friends or at my charity lunches, the XK-1c just works.

The sound works perfectly, the drawbars work smoothly, and the buttons for the tremolos too, everything just ‘works’ and there is no “I wish it did this or that”, everything is just great. It’s small, lightweight and sounds like the real thing. Whether I play through tiny monitor speakers or my 300-watt amp, it just sounds like a real Hammond.

My XK-1c goes in the car neatly because Hammond hasn’t made it wider to fit the drawbars at the top, and I can carry it easily. I also love the fact that Hammond hasn’t added useless buttons. This makes life easier and I can just play it like a real Hammond.

I just love it!

Albert Stacpol

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