The second annual Melbourne Guitar Show was bigger

than ever. And what is the perfect partner for a guitar? A


To celebrate the launch of the new Leslie guitar pedal, we

had a booth at the Guitar Show displaying Leslie and

Hammond. The pedal allows the guitar player to have the

authentic sound of four different Leslies, as played by the

world’s greatest guitar players, like Eric Clapton, George

Harrison and Jimmy Hendrix, who lugged around gigantic

Leslie speakers for decades.

Our guest artist, guitarist Dai Jones, showed off the pedal

in fine form, accompanied by our Hammond specialist

extraordinaire, Jon Wade. Instruments were played through

the new range of Leslie speakers, including the 3300 and

SPA150, demonstrating the full power and guts of these

incredible units.

The buzz around Hammond was incredible. Famous old

rockers were chuffed to see and hear the new Hammond

SK stage organs, and talented young musos were blown

away by the Hammond sound, exclaiming “that’s what I’ve

been looking for!”


The Leslie guitar pedal was a hit too. Guitarists from other

stands were waiting in line to try it. We were thrilled to see

proud new owners taking them home.

I was on the stand on Saturday and learnt a lot about the

world of guitars. It almost made me want to play one! But

there really is something special about Hammond;

something authentic and iconic. Dai and Jon were fabulous

artists, thrilling passers-by with fat jazzy sounds and fancy

riffs. What an awesome event! Special thanks to the

Australian Music Association and Rob Walker for all the

hard work in presenting the Melbourne Guitar Show 2016.

Michelle C.

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