Hammond A-405 Instructional DVD


Deluxe User Lesson DVD for the Hammond A-405



Your Hammond Enjoyment Starts Here!

The Hammond A-405 organ offers a world of musical enjoyment. Take your time to enjoy this video presentation as we step through the features and operations of this fabulous organ, and show you how to create wonderful music for years to come.

Whether you are just beginning your journey with the A-405 organ or have been playing one for years, this insightful DVD will equip you with useful tips and performance ideas to explore.

The Hammond A-405 User DVD was written, filmed and produced right here in Australia, with all your questions in mind. Grab your copy now!

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Hear the magnificent colours of the Hammond A-405 organ with two of Australia’s most experienced Hammond artists and organ specialists:

Bernie Capicchiano
Managing Director of Musico Pty Ltd and Bernies Music Land – authorised Australian importer and distributor of Hammond organs.

Jon Wade
One of Australia’s most requested Hammond organists, Jon has played with the best and offers his expertise as the organ specialist for Hammond Organs Australia.

“Getting To Know The A-405”

Step through the controls of this complete organ, as Bernie explains the uses and benefits of each feature, with interesting Hammond tips and trivia! Hear the history and background of some of the iconic features as Bernie demonstrates how and when to use them in your playing.

Enjoy this detailed overview of the A-405 features such as; The Buttons, Drawbars, Manuals, Percussion, Voices, Recording, Effects, CompactFlash™ Card, Recording Sequencer, Connections and much more.



“Play The A-405”

Join us on a journey to make the most of your fabulous Hammond A-405 organ! Jon will demonstrate the colours of the Hammond A-405. Experience how dynamic this organ can be, for playing classical, worship, or blues, or contemporary music and everything in between.

Exploring and Selecting Rhythms

Let’s explore step-by-step how to load and access rhythm accompaniments. We’ll show you how to browse the families of rhythms, select and get playing.


Saving your presets allows for easy performance. We’ll show you step-by-step how to quickly save and recall your preset combinations.

Sound and Performance Tips

Tweaking your sound combination makes for beautiful performance balance. Find out how (and why) to edit your sounds to achieve sound balance. We’ll look at velocity, volume, reverb and chorus, and how they affect your sound outcome for a great performance.


The beauty of this DVD is that you can stop and replay again and again!


Recorded live at Bernies Music Land in March 2019.
Special thanks to Wayne Murray www.graywill.com.au for Camera and Editing work and especially for his love of the Hammond Organ.
Copyright: All rights of broadcast, sales and distribution reserved by Hammond Australia / Bernies Music Land.


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