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Hammond XK-5 Organ Stage “Touring” Pack

The single most influential keyboard in musical history.

The Hammond B-3, along with its siblings such as the C-3 and A-100, have been the single most influential keyboards in musical history. When paired with a Leslie speaker, the Hammond’s sonic versatility has defined the electrified keyboard sound from rock to soul, and gospel and jazz. Today this sound is as sought after as ever.

The new generation of Hammond instruments offer robust build, outstanding reliability, and a sound that can’t be imitated. Hammond Suzuki introduces its greatest performance organ ever; the XK-5.

The ready-to-travel Touring Pack includes;
XK-5 Organ: $6,595
XLK-5 Lower Keyboard: $2,995
Black Metal Stand: $895
Black Metal Seat: $995
Leslie CU-1 Switch: $269
EXP-250 Expression Pedal: $795
PK-25 Pedalboard: $4,695
Cables for pedals: $299
Total Value: $17,538

The Drawbar Has Been Raised

In the authenticity sweepstakes, the Hammond XK-5 blows away the barrier between vintage and modern, redefining the state of the art in portable digital organs. Hammond’s flagship portable, the XK-5, features a ground-up design that draws on original B-3 schematics, capturing that legendary sound, feel – and soul – with unerring accuracy. Onboard, new technologies include a cutting-edge sound engine that combines modeling and sampling to reproduce every nuance of vintage electro-mechanical tonewheel generators. The new custom waterfall keybed provides the inimitable feel of a vintage B-3 and is ideal for palm slides and other classic playing techniques. Other features include four sets of drawbars plus pedal drawbars, an uber-realistic Digital Leslie, and downloadable tonewheel profiles. The foundation of Hammond’s new Heritage Series, the XK-5 is modular, letting you configure as large a system as your music requires.

Hammond XK-5 at a Glance:

  • Hybrid Multiple-key Contact System for realism and versatility
  • Redesigned Keybed gives you incredible playing feel
  • All-new Sound Engine delivers a stunning re-creation of classic Hammonds
  • Virtual Matching Transformer lets you dial in hysteresis and saturation
  • Streamlined operation makes the XK-5 a joy to use.

Hammond’s XK-5: classic sound and feel, without the weight or cost!

Now available at your local Hammond dealer.


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