There is a wealth of information available about your Hammond and Leslie products, and you can find it all here, free of charge. You can also download custom sounds and voices to further enhance and expand your Hammond Experience. It’s always wise to remain up-to-date in system software (available here too.) You can even download the basic Hammond Organ course that has started many on the road to Hammond Happiness.

Custom Setups

Sk Series

  • The Hammond Sk Stage Keyboards have been developed to serve musicians of every genre all over the world, and the Presets found in the OEM set reflect the Sk’s readiness to serve as the core keyboard in any lineup, anywhere.Our US and Canadian Artists /Endorsees, along with the thousands of you in the extended Hammond Family have shared your wants and needs with us, and we have begun to create special Setups and Whole Setups to reflect those needs. We have created new combinations, combining the most popular OEM presets and often, adding brand new presets making the Sk even easier to play. We’ve condensed the USER collections in some cases to make the selection of presets easier for the Working Musician. You’ll only see the presets that fit the category. Of course the entire OEM Preset list resides in the “P” Bank of the Sk’s.The FAVORITES in each setup are the “Go-To” sounds for that choice, and reflect the sounds you’ll need most.The Presets may all be edited to your needs, and the Setups can be changed, as always.Remember, a SETUP loads and saves in seconds-It records ALL the parameters, Presets, Leslie Cabinets and Custom Tonewheel sets.A WHOLE records everything a SETUP records, plus ALL the Library Voices currently loaded in your SK keyboard. This load/save can take from 7 to 30 minutes depending on the speed of your USB thumb drive.AND BE SURE TO BACK UP YOUR CURRENT SETUP BEFORE LOADING ANY NEW SETUP, SO YOU WILL NOT LOSE YOUR PREVIOUS WORK!!  Consult the “HOW TO” section of, with attention to the “Save Your Setup” and “Loading A Custom Setup” Videos.
    For a full Read Me File in PDF format Click here


USA Pro Standard Setup (r0914)

10 Presets Tweaked by Hammond USA HQ, in conjunction with some of our top Artists, loaded to the Favorites-A quick basic Keyboard Library for any genre.

Consists of 10 presets

  1. Vint B-3 DLS
  2. Crunch B-3
  3. Classic B-3 Full
  4. Farf Combo Organ
  5. Vx Combo Org/Rho Bass
  6. Stereo Grand Piano
  7. Tine Electric Piano
  8. Reed Electric Piano
  9. Clav (BD)
  10. Church Pipe Organ

Download USA Pro Standard Setup for Sk1

Download USA Pro Standard Setup For Sk2


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