Tim Neal Live at Bernies


Tim Neal has dedicated his life to music and is nationally and internationally known as a creative and inspiring Hammond organ performer.


Tim Neal has extensive experience as a composer, musical director and educator and also plays the Saxophone, Piano, Flute and Guitar. Tim has recorded over 40 CDs and countless sessions with people such as Ernest Ranglin (Jamaica) Betty Harris (USA), Bunny Ruggs (Jamaica), Cattletruck, Paul Williamsons Hammond Combo (Aria Nomination), Festa, Banana Oil (Aria Award), Melbourne Improvisation Association, Kate Ceberano and Bobby Previte (USA).
My association with Bernie goes back over 15 years when he helped me purchase my first digital Hammond (the XB3). Having this organ meant I was able to work in a lot more venues around the country as my original B3 weighed about the same as my old Kombi it travelled in! Over the years I have done workshops with the new gear and watched it evolve. The Hammond company has invested lots of time and money in the new models, answering market concerns and offering the variety that its competitors can’t match. 
This recording was taken from a workshop in 2009, warts and all! No overdubs or ‘creative editing’ was applied, giving the listener the feeling that they are there. Basically a ‘jam’ with my old buddy Mike Jordan on drums. Mike and I have been playing together for about 20 years and he knows how to play with the B3 in a way that makes us sound like a large ensemble! I can pretty much take the music anywhere and Mike is already there!!
For this recording I used the new B3 Mk II portable through a 3300 Leslie, a truly inspiring combination that you can take anywhere!”

Tim Neal

Michael Jordan is a powerful, soulful drummer who can adapt to any musical situation and play what it demands with passion and is known for his imaginative work in Melodic drumming. Michael is well known in the local and international music scene and has played with a diverse range of artists including George Cables, Sheila Jordan, Joanne Brackeam, Ben Sidren, Mark Murphy, Ronny Scott, Tony Monaco, Lona Luft, Jon Hammond, Paul Williamson, Ross Hannaford, Ross Wilson, Doug De Vries, Kate Ceberano and Paul Grabowski.


Track Listing

  1.  3 A.M.
  2. All of Me
  3. Gospel Shuffle
  4. Song for my Father
  5. All of Me
  6. That’s All (vocals Michael Jordan)
  7. Medley
    1. My Funny Valentine
    2. It Ain’t Necessarily So
    3. Caravan
  8. Take These Chains (vocals Michael Jordan)
  9. The Cat
  10. Caravan
  • Tim Neal
  • Gerald Marks and Seymour Simons
  • Tim Neal
  • Horace Silver
  • Gerald Marks and Seymour Simons
  • Alan Brandt and Bob Haymes
  • Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart
  • George and Ira Gershwin
  • Juan Tizol
  • Hank Williams Jnr
  • Jimmy Smith
  • Juan Tizol


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